Dog Training

December 21st, 2006

So you want to train your dog to be a good boy or girl?

Well before you go spending a small fortune on dog training schools, books, tapes, video's etc... Bookmark this page and come back often to soak up all the free dog training advice you can!

I have a large blog for basic health care information but when it comes to top quality dog training tips and information on dog training I defer to the huge expertise found on Their website has a massive sepository of articles, information, and even a huge dog forum as well. They have been running for more years than I care to remember and they teach some incredibly effective dog training methods, as well as clever behavioural modifications and obedience exercises. Any owner can learn something about their dog from that website, I can't recommend it highly enough.

You will find a collection of articles from some of the top dog trainers around! This way you get the good stuff all in one place.

Take your time and read as many articles as you like on my site. I'll be updating this dog training section soon with new articles from the pros.