Dog Travel: Free Must Have Tips

November 29th, 2005

Whether you are traveling with your dogs because you consider them part of your family and can’t bear to be away from them, because you were unable to find a sitter for them or because you think they will enjoy the vacation destination you may find that with a little advanced problem traveling with your dogs is not difficult. You do have to do your research before hand to ensure that your trip with your dogs will be enjoyable. Many hotels do not allow pets or place limitations on the amount or size of the dogs. Also, if you are planning to travel by airplane you should do your research carefully before booking a flight.

Finding a hotel to accommodate you and your dogs isn’t hard but it should be done in advance. Not all hotels accept dogs so it is recommended that you make your hotel reservations in advance so that you have adequate time to find a hotel in the desired area that will accept the number and size of dogs that you will be traveling with on your vacation. Planning to make your lodging arrangements when you arrive can be problematic especially if you find that many area hotels do not accept dogs. Even those hotels that do accept dogs may only allow dogs in certain rooms so it is a good idea to make your arrangements in advance at to make sure that the hotel staff notes that you will be traveling with dogs so that they can reserve an appropriate room for you and your pets. Many hotels charge additional fees when you have dogs staying with you. Sometimes these are refundable deposits that are returned to you if the room remains undamaged. Other times the fees are nightly fees assessed per animal. Still other hotels charge you a one time non-refundable fee that is justified by the additional cleaning that is usually required after an animal departs.
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Puppy is now teething

November 27th, 2005

When most people bring home their cute new puppies, the furthest thing from their minds is the stressful time of teething. Just as with babies teething, puppies will want to chew on everything they can get their mouth on. This can lead to total destruction of your belongings, but there are tried and true ways to help prevent this from happening, and help you and your pup get through the teething period with ease.
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